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1967 Firebird 400 Convertible- First Of The Breed

This Firebird Owner Turned An Early-Production Firebird 400 Into A Pro-Touring Crowd-Pleaser  (Click Photo to View Article)High Performance Pontiac

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Whats is the difference between OEM, OER®, and NOS parts?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

Not necessarily made by the company that makes the car, but the same company the car maker got the original parts from. Most parts for cars are made by other companies, who also sell the same part as after-market. That’s anybody other than the dealership. There are also some brands that are better than OEM, but the car companies want the cheapest part they can get that’s fairly reliable.

OER® (Original Equipment Reproduction):

OER® is the restoration parts manufacturer who set the standard by which all other restoration parts are measured. Making their name in the industry by focusing on the details of their products and supplying highly demanded parts not elsewhere available, OER® brand products represent countless man-hours invested in a process of analyzing, developing, and refining. Products advertised with the OER® logo uphold the standard and tradition that consumers and installers have come to expect. Majority of OER® parts are advertised and packaged under the GM Restoration Parts logo. This logo indicates that the product is no longer available from General Motors, but is manufactured to GM’s specifications and licensed by GM as an official GM Restoration Part. Such products represent a prestigious class of restoration parts that are nearly identical to the products offered by GM, and are made from the original GM tooling whenever possible. Many products are also identified under the MOPAR Authentic Restoration Products logo. OER® manufactures, advertises and packages a variety of products with the MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product logo. This logo indicates that the product is manufactured to MOPAR ‘s specifications and licensed by Chrysler Group LLC as a MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product. Such products represent a prestigious class of restoration parts that are nearly identical to the original products offered by MOPAR in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Source:

NOS (New Old Stock):

Mostly parts that the dealer offered originally, but were later bought in bulk by 3rd parties, when the car in question is too old for the dealer to bother with any more. Not worth the money for most people, unless it is a show car that is judged for originality, where everything must be exactly authentic.

Barn Finds

A barn find is a classic car that is discovered abandoned, usually in derelict condition. The term comes from its tendency to be found in places such as barns. Many of the people who discover barn finds tend to be collectors and offer to purchase the car so as to clean it, fix it, and in many cases restore it.

1967 Firebird Convertible by John-
1967 Firebird by John-

1967 Firebird 400 Coupe-
1967 Firebird 400 Coupe-

1967 Firebird 400 Coupe-
1967 Firebird 400 Coupe-